How To Switch Between Shower Heads?

Shower heads do not stay the same every time. They often accumulate buildup and cross the warranty. So we must change them often. But, how to switch between shower heads?

In order to switch your present shower head with a new one, you must unscrew it first. Then wrap Teflon tape over the shower arm’s threads and attach the new shower head to the shower arm. You may use pliers to make the tightness firmer.

Well, it is important to go through the steps briefly. Also, we will discuss why should you switch shower heads.

Reasons For Switching Between Shower Heads

Shower heads play a great role in our shower experiences. For example, to enjoy the gentle rain, we prefer rain shower heads. Again, for couples, double shower heads work the best. Handheld shower heads are also great to get the adjustable and detachable feature. You may consider switching your shower head if your present shower head is not going with your preference.

Another reason for changing shower heads can be when they become obsolete. When a shower head crosses its warranty, it can’t serve as well as it used to.

In previous days, shower heads used to come with limited features. You may want to change your shower head with a modern one as modern shower heads offer multiple features.

According to medical concerns, we must change our shower heads frequently. In general, shower heads get clogged with minerals. Water coming out from such shower heads can hamper our skin and hair.

How To Switch Between Shower Heads?

As you are going to switch your current shower head with the new one, you have to detach the old one first. So keep some materials ready with you. Such as pliers and an adjustable wrench

Step 1: Remove The Shower Head

Start with turning the shower head counterclockwise a few times with your hands. If it doesn’t work, you can use a rag to cover around the shower head and hold the grip with pliers. Also, use the adjustable wrench to turn the shower head base. In this way, you can turn the shower head counterclockwise until it becomes loose. Then you can remove it simply with your hands.

Step 2: Wrap The Teflon Tape

In order to get a fine grip on the shower head and avoid leakage, wrap Teflon tape over the threads of the shower arm. Also, make sure the shower arm is clean enough and free from previous residues of Teflon tape.

Wrap the new Teflon tape over your shower arm’s thread at least ten times.

Step 3: Install The New Shower Head

The last step is super easy. Just install your new showerhead. You need to insert it in the shower arm and turn it counterclockwise unless it comes tightened. You can do it with your hands. If needed, you can use lowers to give a firm tightness to the shower head.

Well, handheld shower heads, top-mount shower heads, and wall-mount shower heads require the same step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you switch your shower head by yourself?

You can change your shower head by yourself by following some simple tricks. Such as increasing the shower head, using Teflon tape, etc. However, your plumber can give you the best advice. If needed, take the plumber’s help for the task.

Do you need to turn off the water to switch shower heads?

Before you opt to change your shower head, make sure the water valve is turned off. Or else water might spill out and create a mess.

Should you change your shower head?

It is important to change shower heads, especially when they get build-ups, sediments, or black mould. Even if you see no deposits, it is better to change shower heads after certain years as per health concerns.

What will happen if you don’t change your shower head?

Usually, shower heads accumulate mineral build-ups, sediments, moulds, and so on. They can make the water hard which is not good for our skin and hair. They can become dry and the hair can turn reddish.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are now certain about how to switch between shower heads. Well, it takes a few simple steps. Such as u screwing the shower head and attaching the new one.

Do not forget to change your shower heads every year. As minerals and sediments build homes inside them, they can offer you good quality water for the time being.

Lastly, do not attempt the steps if you are unclear about them. Take your plumber’s help if any trouble occurs.

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