How To Lower Shower Head Height?

How to lower shower head height? If you want to lower your shower head height, you do that with a click with a shower head extension arm or a s shower arm pipe. Other than that, a swivel ball adapter and a shower slide bar work great in adjusting the height of a shower head.

If you want to opt for the easiest option, a showerhead extension arm would be the perfect one. But don’t worry. We have prescribed the steps of height adjustability will all the mentioned alternatives. As a result, you can choose your desired procedure according to the alternative you have at your home.

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How To Lower Shower Head Height?

There are different alternatives that can help you with adjusting the height of a shower head too high on the wall. Such as a shower head extension arm, an S shower arm, a swivel ball adapter, and a shower slide bar. The steps of lowering your shower head’s height are going to vary depending on which alternative you have chosen to adjust with your shower head’s height.

Lowering Shower Head Height With A Shower Head Extension Arm

So far, the most common and easiest way to lower the shower height is using a shower head extension arm. It eliminates the need to do any in-the-wall plumbing. You can also choose an adjustable shower head extension arm as per your bathroom’s design as it offers multiple finishes.

Now let us see the steps of reducing the height of a shower head with a shower head extension arm.

Step 1: Turn Off The Water

Turn off the main water line. Because, when you are working with your shower fixture, you may be soaked as water can spray out. After turning to the main line. Turn on the shower valve to drain the left water.

Step 2: Remove The Shower Head

Use a pair of pliers to hold the but of your shower head in place. Twist it counterclockwise until the shower head gets loosened perfectly. And then you can use your hands to take it off completely.

Step 3: Install The Shower Head Extension Arm

After you have removed your old shower head, install your shower head lowering arm now. You have to first put some plumber’s tape into the female thread of the extension arm and screw it into your shower head. Then use pliers to tighten up the connection.

Step 4: Lower The Height Of The Extension Arm

Now it’s time to adjust the height of the shower head extension arm as it is meant for that. So place the extension arm along with the shower at a lower height than it was before.

Lowering Shower Head Height With A Swivel Ball Adapter

A swivel ball adapter works in attaching the shower arm pipe and the shower head. Both handheld and rain showers find the swivel ball adapter as the best option for height adjustability. Let us jump to the steps now.

Step 1: Turn Off The Water

Whenever it comes to working with the plumbing fixtures, our first step would be turning off the water. As a result, we can find ourselves dry after the task.

Step 2: Remove The Shower Head

Use a wrench to turn the shower head clockwise. This will help in loosening the shower head. Afterward, you can use your hands to get away from the shower head.

Step 3: Clean The Shower Arm

There must be some left residues and bits of your old plumber’s tape on the threads. Clean them up with a wire brush. Then cover the threads with a new plumber’s tape.

Step 4: Tighten Up The Swivel Ball Adapter

In the next step, you have to tighten up the swivel ball adapter on your shower head arm. You can use your hands to do so. If needed, use an adjustable wrench or a set of pliers to give it a more secure fit.

Step 5: Apply Teflon Tape To The Threads

Before the installation, it is necessary to apply some Teflon tape on the male threads of your swivel ball adapter. This will give a good grip while tightening the shower head.

Step 6: Install The Shower Head

Make sure to place the swivel ball adapter in such a way that its end appears downwards. And lastly, you have to install your shower head as usual.

Lowering The Shower Head With A “S” Shower Arm Pipe

If you want to keep your shower head’s height lower for a long time, an S Shower Arm is all you will need. Thanks to its durability and rigidity.

Maybe you know that you have to start the process after turning off the water supply. So we are not going to mention that.

Step 1: Detach The Old Shower Head

You have to remove your old shower head in the same way that we mentioned in the above two procedures.

Step 2: Install The A Shower Arm Pipe

Cover the threads of the shower arm pipe with thread seal tape. Then screw the pipe from the wall so that it looks like 2. Only then you can get a lower height. Then install the doughnut disk of the pipe and screw its female threads.

Step 3: Install The Shower Head

Hopefully, the “S” pipe has given you a reduced height for installing the shower head. So simply install your shower head at the pipe’s end and you are done.

Lowering The Shower Head With A Shower Slide Bar

In order to give a high-end touch to your shower head, a shower slide bar is unbeatable. Let’s know how it is going to be useful for lowering the height of a shower head.

Well, shower slide bars have knobs that can be twisted. As a result, you can slide it down or up, as per your desired height. When you find the right position, tighten up the shower head. The shower heads that are used with slide bars can be detached from their fixture. You can say, it offers a handheld use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce the height of my shower head?

Reducing the height of a shower head is super easy if you have an extendable shower arm. For that, you have to remove your old fittings, adjust the extendable shower arm, lower the height, and install the shower head.

What to do if my shower is too tall?

A too-high shower head needs to be adjusted to come at a lower height. That’s why, it is better to install a shower head that can be slid both upwards and downwards.

How high should a shower arm be from the floor?

The perfect height for placing a shower head from the floor is 40 to 50 inches. But if you prefer using your shower head as a bathtub faucet, install it 8 to 18 inches above the bathtub.

Final Thoughts

If you know how to lower shower head height, you can save your money by not calling a plumber for it. Doesn’t matter which alternative you have to lower your shower head height. You can work with anyone as we have transpired the procedures.

One thing we would like to mention is to check for leaks after you are done with the height adjustability of your shower head. Because a smooth and regular flow of water from the shower head ensures that you have done your plumbing fixture perfectly.

So this was all. Let us know through comments which alternative turned out a handy option for you.

Thank you.

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