How To Unscrew Jolie Shower Head?

We often need to unscrew our Jolie shower heads as their filter should be changed frequently. But, how to unscrew Jolie shower head? Well, it is very simple. You can do it by hand. Just rotate the shower screen counterclockwise until it comes out.

Sometimes, you will need to include some additional steps. Such as using Teflon tape, wrench, pliers, etc. Again, you need to attach the shower head after unscrewing. These all steps are inevitable in this article. So stay tuned.

How To Unscrew Jolie Shower Head?

According to professionals, you must replace the filter of your Jolie shower head every 90 days. That’s why you need to unscrew the shower head, and that should be done very carefully. The steps below can help you achieve a successful replacement of the filter by unscrewing the Jolie shower head.

Remove The Shower Screen

First, turn off the main water valve to avoid any water spillage. Then unscrew the disc of the Jolie shower head. You can do it by using your hands. Remove it clockwise, then it will get loosened and removed.

Place The Filter

Hopefully, you are unscrewing the shower head to install the new filter. For that, remove the two cute stickers attached on both sides of the filter. Then place it inside your Jolie shower head and screw the shower screen again on the shower arm.

Use Wrench (If Needed)

Sometimes, our hands are not sufficient to unscrew the shower head, especially when it is too tightened. In that case, you can opt for an adjustable wrench or pliers to disconnect your Jolie shower head. If needed, apply small amounts of lubricant, like WD-40.

Unscrew From The Water Pipe

Another way to unscrew the Jolie shower head is by unscrewing it directly from the water pipe. For that, you must use a wrench and hold a grip with it towards the connection of the water pipe and the entire shower head. Then rotate the wrench counterclockwise and the whole shower head will come out.

Unscrew The Shower Screen

Then unscrew the jar-like substance over the Jolie shower head’s screen. This step won’t require the wrench, you can do it using your hands. If your water pipe has the old plumber’s tape attached, remove that. Attach a new plumber’s tape, and the wrap should not be more than ten times.

Attach The Jolie Shower Head Again

Now you will get the shower filter. Replace it as we suggested earlier. Then screw the jar-like holder over the shower screen and screw the entire shower head on the water pipe. Initially, you can use your hands to tighten it up. For further firmness, use the wrench.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Jolie Shower Head last?

A Jolie shower head can easily last up to 3 months. However, the duration can exceed if you take proper care of it. And sometimes the duration can be less when it gets hit unintentionally.

How to clean Jolie’s shower head?

To clean the Jolie shower head, you will need a mixture of vinegar and water. One-third should be vinegar and the rest should be water. Then dip the Jolie shower head into the bowl of this mixture. Of course, you will do that after unscrewing the shower head. Then rinse it with water and let it air dry.

How to install a Jolie shower head?

In order to install your Jolie shower head, cover the threaded part of your water pipe with Teflon tape. Then screw the shower head into the water pipe and lastly use a wrench to give it a solid tightness.

How does the Jolie shower head work?

The Jolie shower head works by removing the chlorine through its filter. For that, it uses calcium sulfite and KDF-55. Then it delivers water through the shower nozzles of the shower screen.

Final Thoughts

Those who are new to using Jolie shower heads, may have the question, How to unscrew Jolie shower head? The answer is rotating the shower screen with your hands or a wrench. And if you want to unscrew the shower head from the water pipe, you will definitely need a wrench and Teflon tape. Use a lubricant, if necessary.

Don’t panic if you are not being successful in unscrewing the shower head. You may ask a professional for help. And of course, opt for the removal process whenever it is time to change the Jolie Shower head’s filter.

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