Should Shower Curtain Be Higher Than Shower Head?

People who don’t want to compromise with their shower experience may ask, Should shower curtain be higher than shower head? It depends on your personal choice.

Just remember not to place the shower curtain too low than the shower head. This will not only make the curtain dirty but also, spill water out from the shower space.

Along with our preferences, we must consider the height of the shower head, shower curtain, and shower curtain rod. This article will tell you what precautions you must exercise while hanging shower curtains.

Should Shower Curtain Be Higher Than Shower Head?

In bathrooms of hotels and many other places, we see some shower curtains are below the height of shower heads and some shower curtains are above the height of shower heads. Now the question is which one is the right position? Well, it completely depends on your choice. Before that, you need to be certain about the outcomes of all positions.

Hanging Shower Curtain Above The Shower Head

For example, hanging shower curtains higher than the shower head will ensure that the water is in the shower space. Hence, water won’t leak onto the bathroom floor. On the other hand, hanging shower curtains lower than the shower head can splash out water.

Considering The Shower Curtain’s Functionality

Apart from personal preference, you must consider the aesthetics and functionality of your shower curtain. For instance, the bathroom appears more spacious when you hang the curtain on the higher level. Also, this placement of the curtain won’t cling to your body, resulting in a comfortable shower experience.

Water Containment Must Be Adequate

Hanging the shower curtain too high may not be the right decision every time. Sometimes you need to strike a balance. When you hang the curtain too high, water can pull around the base of the shower. That’s why it is important to keep the curtain at a height from where you can get adequate water containment.

Height Of Shower Curtain And Rod

Another factor related to placing the shower curtain depends on the height of the shower rod. Generally, shower curtains are 72 inches in length.

This means the shower curtain rod should be 72 inches above or more than that. You may place the rod 75 or 76 inches high so that the shower curtain doesn’t stay on the floor and accumulate dust. If you want to place your shower curtain at a lower level, make sure it is even with your existing shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the shower curtain rod be placed?

Since shower curtains are 72 inches long, the shower curtain rods should be placed more than 72 inches higher from the floor.

How wide should the shower curtain be?

Shower curtains should not be more than 54 inches in width. Sometimes, people opt for two shower curtains when their shower space is large, but with the same width.

Should a shower curtain go to the ceiling?

If you think your entire shower space should be covered, you may consider fitting the rod in the ceiling. Then place the shower curtain there. In that case, you will need a taller shower curtain.

Should your shower curtain touch the floor?

Don’t place your shower curtain in such a way that it touches the floor. This will make it collect dirt and moisture, resulting in the bad appearance of the curtain.

Final Thoughts

Should shower curtain be higher than shower head? The answer is not a clear no or a clear yes. But when we say the curtain can be lower than the shower head, we mean the level should be even. This is because placing the shower curtain at a low level can be bothersome as water can easily come out.

If possible, place your shower curtain from the ceiling or at the level where the shower head is. But don’t hang the curtain too low than the shower head.

Some shower curtains are 74 inches long. You can opt for them if you are considering placing the curtain on a higher note.

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