Is Shower Head Recyclable?

Is shower head recyclable? Maybe we all know that a shower head is not something to be thrown out. It can be of great use along with showering. Like, you can use it over your hose, make a toy microphone for your kids, etc.

Anyways, the credit for the recyclability of a shower head goes to its materials. The materials include solid brass, metal, and other rigid objects. So you can be assured of having an environment-friendly use for your shower head.

Well, these were just the teasers. Recycling a shower head can be a never-ending topic if you switch your creativity mind on.

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Is Shower Head Recyclable?

One of the most uncommon questions we heard so far is if a shower head is recyclable or not. Well, everything is recyclable if you make proper use of it where it goes right. For instance, you can’t use an old toothbrush but you can use it to clean your nails or basin.

In the same way, a shower head is recyclable, but not for showering. You can give it to your child as a toy or even make something great out of it.

Don’t think that recycling a showerhead is super easy. Just open the shower head and use it the way you want to use it. It is not like that. You have to follow certain steps before you think of recycling your shower head.

Here, we have mentioned some tips and techniques which can help you to recycle your shower item. Have a look below.

Before Recycling A Shower Head

One thing is very clear. That is, recycling the whole shower head is not a good idea. Perhaps, it won’t be of any use either. Before you opt for recycling a shower head, you must clean it, disassemble its parts, and know about its materials.

Recyclable Of Materials In Shower Head

Most shower heads tend to be made of brass, ABS plastic, or stainless steel. Fortunately, three of these materials can be recycled. For brass, it has a copper-based alloy which keeps its chemical properties stable while recycling.

The ABS plastic requires a melting process with some virgin ABS to make a new product. Lastly, the stainless steel shower heads hold recyclable metal that keeps its sustainability throughout.

Recyclable Materials Of Shower Head

When it comes to recycling a shower head, people mostly recycle its materials. For instance, you will get reinforced PVC, ABS material, metals, cardboard boxes, and so on. You may use the ABS material by melting it with other ingredients to make a new shower head.

On the other hand, metals from shower heads are usable to make lots of things. Whereas, cardboard boxes are great to be recycled by local centres.

The reinforced PVC from shower heads is not recyclable. Since it is separated from other textile materials, it requires special equipment to process.

Cleaning The Shower Head

As said before, the prior process of recycling a shower head includes cleaning the shower head, disassembling it, and so on. Let us first know how to clean it with some easy techniques.

You have to make a solution first. Take a bowl, fill it with water and vinegar. Then immerse the shower head into the bowl perfectly so that the water minerals can also go out. If you don’t have vinegar, baking soda can also do the job. Make the solution in the same way, just use baking soda instead of vinegar if you don’t have it.

Disassembling The Shower Head

Now, we will know how to disassemble the shower head. Firstly, you will need to unscrew the faceplate. Or you can remove the shower head completely using your hands by turning it counterclockwise. Remember to clean the shower head after disassembling it.

Some Examples Of Recycling A Shower Head

You must be wondering for what purposes can we use an old shower head. Well, it depends on your creativity level. But we can suggest some to you.

For example, if you have kids in your home, you can give the shower head to them as a microphone. They can play with it. Besides, making a sculpture with a shower head would be a great idea. Just thread the wires through the holes and make a display stand of it for your pieces of jewellery.

We have seen in some reels that a shower head was used to make a lampshade. Maybe it requires the threading of wires too but with lights.

Recycling Shower Head For Gardening

Another superb technique to recycle a shower head is attaching it with a hose. In the hose, water usually comes more which may frown the seedlings and plants. But if water showers, that will not only save plants but also water. Perhaps, fixing the shower head with the hose can be a bit difficult. But if you do it anyhow, that can save you from buying a substitute for a shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a garden hose be recycled?

A garden hose is not recyclable since its materials are not recyclable. Usually, the hose pipes are made of rubber or plastic. And we know these materials are not safe to use continuously.

What are the materials in a shower head?

Plastic, solid brass, and metals are the common materials used in shower heads. Besides, their finishing is either coloured or chrome.

Can we recycle water from the shower head?

Well, recycling water from the shower head is completely a bad option for personal use. Because it is meant for cleaning the dirt and germs in our bodies. But it can be usable if you want to clean outdoor dirt.

Final Thoughts

If you have the question, Is shower head recyclable, the answer is always yes. A shower head has been a recyclable object so far.

We discussed using a shower head as a microphone, over a hose, etc. But you will be surprised to know that a shower head has been used as a small form of stove. And if you are an engineering student, you simply make a lamp with the shower head. Its base can be a good object for the lamp.

So this was all. Share your ideas with us if you are having right now. And yes, if you have already recycled your shower head, don’t forget to mention that as well.

Thank you.

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