How To Turn On Shower Head Without Pull Tab?

As of now, some shower heads are coming with unique designs. All models don’t have the pull tab that we see normally. That’s why, many people have a common question how to turn on shower head without pull tab?

If a shower head does not have a pull tab, it will definitely have a diverter, lever, or push button. Some shower heads require twisting them to start the water flow. However, for many knobs, you will have many sources to turn on the shower head. For example,  for one knob, there is one diverter, for two knobs, there are two diverters.

Well, this discussion is just a teaser. Let’s dig deeper into the concept.

How To Turn On Shower Head Without Pull Tab?

All shower heads don’t have a pull tab, some come with a unique design. You may see there is nothing to pull to get the water flowing. Then how can you get the water flow? For that, you may try out some techniques that are described below.

Check For Diverter On Top Of The Tab

In some cases, there may be a separate diverter valve that controls the water flow in the shower. This valve can be located near the shower head or integrated into the faucet handles. The diverter located at the top, is also known as the top faucet. You must pull it or ring it, depending on its setting. This can help you to turn on your shower system.

Check For Diverter Below The Tab

Sometimes, levers and diverters are not present as top faucets even if shower heads don’t have a pull tab. In that case, you must check whether there is a pulling machine underneath the shower head’s tab. You can use his handle or lever to turn the water on and off, as well as to adjust the water pressure.

Check For The Push Button Mechanism

Some shower heads come with a push button mechanism. This typically involves pressing or pushing a button or lever on the shower head itself. You may try experimenting with different parts of the shower head. Hopefully, it can initiate the water flow.

Try Twisting The Shower Head

If none of these tips works, you may try turning the shower head on by simply twisting or rotating it. It is because some modern shower heads come with a section where you can grip and turn it in either direction to activate the water flow. Perhaps, your shower head belongs to that group.

How To Turn On Shower Heads With One Knob, Two Knobs, And Three Knobs, Without Pull Tab?

There is no major difference in turning on shower heads with different numbers of knobs.

If your shower head comes with one knob, it means it delivers only normal water. If it has two knobs, it means it delivers cold and hot water. Again, a shower head with three knobs delivers cold, hot, and normal water.

Let’s say you have one knob in your shower head. It means the shower head will have one diverter, lever, or push button. If it is a two-knob shower head, it will have two diverted, levers, or push buttons. One will be for the cold water and the other will be for hot water.

The button or lever on the left side will be for the hot water, which has a red mark. Again, the right diverter or lever is for having cold water, which is marked as blue.

In a shower head with three knobs, you will get three diverted, levers, or push buttons. The left one or the first one, marked red will be for hot water. The middle one, which is marked blue, will be for cold water. Normal water will come from turning on the third or last diverter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do shower heads not turn on sometimes?

Sometimes we see our shower heads not turning. The reason can be a broken valve. Also, a clogged shower head doesn’t allow water to pass on freely, and we think our shower heads are not turning on.

How to turn the shower head with a pull tab?

A shower head with a pull tab requires only one step to turn on. That is, turning or ringing the tab, and water will come out from the shower.

How does the tab of a shower head work?

When we turn on the tab of a shower head, water comes on the disc and flows from there. Taps, that offer hot and cold water, accumulate the water of both temperatures when we activate them.

How do push-button showers work?

Some shower heads have Push Button Flow Control that is used to initiate or stop the water flow from them. All push buttons don’t work the same, so ask the manufacturer about the right process.

Final Thoughts

As some modern shower heads don’t come with pull tabs, we may wonder, How to turn on shower heads without pull tabs. Well, it is very simple. You need to check for a diverter, lever, push button, or shower head.

Most importantly, you need to read out the manual of the shower head. There you will find the correct process to get the water flow.

Don’t worry if you can’t understand the manual or your steps are not going right. Just seek professional help, they will guide you in the right way.

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