Are Kohler Shower Heads Interchangeable?

Are Kohler Shower Heads interchangeable? Kohler shower heads can be interchanged with lots of other shower heads. Generally, there is a universal thread size that must be instilled in maximum shower heads.

Luckily, the Kohler Shower Head also comes with the same thread size. Thus, you can expect to interchange it with another shower head or your other shower head with the Kohler shower head.

This is not where it ends. There are lots of terms that may hinder the interchangeability of shower heads. This article is going to cover everything about it.

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Are Kohler Shower Heads Interchangeable?

Thread Size Of Kohler Shower Heads

Kohler Shower Heads are interchangeable as they comprise a universal thread size of ½ inch NPT. Especially in the United States and Canada, all shower heads come with a diameter of ½ inch.

Same Thread Size Shower Heads Are Interchangeable

For example, you have a Moen shower head. Now you want to get away from that Moen shower head and install a Kohler Shower Head.

You can do it if the thread size of both shower heads is the same, which should be ½ inch NPT. That’s why, almost all locally sold shower heads are compatible with all shower arms.

Well, every country in this world does not sell shower heads with the same thread size. That is the United States and Canada that have opted for this rule. Sometimes consumers purchase shower heads with different thread sizes that making them not interchangeable.


On the other hand, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and South Africa make their shower head thread size of ½ inches BSP. It means these countries also guarantee the same thread size for shower heads as the United States and Canada do.

Now you must be thinking about what NPT and BSP are. Well, NPT is the abbreviation of National Pipe Thread Tapered. This term is used by the United States and Canada. On the other hand, BSP is the abbreviation of British Standard Pipe. Again, this term is used by Australia, Asia, Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Modern brands of shower heads, like- Delta, Kohler, and Moen have the same thread size in their shower heads. It is because these shower heads belong to American companies. So, if you want, you can interchange shower heads from these brands without any problem.

Things To Consider Before Interchanging Shower Heads

In order to interchange your Kohler shower head, you must keep some things in mind. As a result, you can ensure a perfect fit for your shower head.

You can take your Kohler shower head to the store and match its thread size with the shower head’s thread size that you will be buying.

Sometimes, online shopping may confuse us in matching the thread size of shower heads. In that case, you can search for the shower arm’s size that must be given in the description box. If it matches the shower arm of your Kohler shower head, then it would be interchangeable.

Types Of Threads In Shower Heads

Another thing that may disrupt the interchangeability of your shower heads is the thread. We know that plumbing connections usually have two types of threads. They are- male threads and female threads. The threads appearing outside are male threads and the threads appearing inside are female threads.

If your shower head has female threads and the Kohler shower head you want to buy also has female threads, then you can expect them to interchange.

Changes Need To Be Made to the Plumbing

Unconventional shower rigs are also an issue for installing new shower heads. For this reason, some remodeling and changes in plumbing are required.

For example, a Kohler rain shower head is operated after a ceiling installation and you have a wall-mounted shower arm. In that case, you won’t find compatibility between the shower arm and the shower head. But to make a successful interchangeable shower head, you have to go with a smaller Kohler rain shower head which can work on the wall.

Tapered And Parallel Threads

Shower heads are not only justified by male threads or female threads but also through tapered or parallel. If a shower head is tapered, its diameter will keep reducing along the threads. The shower heads in the US and Canada are usually tapered.

On the other hand, a parallel shower head means all the threads of a shower head have a consistent diameter. To interchange your shower head with a Kohler shower head or a Kohler shower head with another shower head, you must check out the threads. Either they should have tapered threads or parallel threads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Kohler Shower Valve interchangeable?

Kohler shower valves are not interchangeable since they have unique body connections and designs. That’s why, all Kohler shower valves do not go well with all Kohler trims. But yes, the Kohler Rite-Temp valves are universal.

How do I know what model Kohler shower valve I have?

All Kohler shower valves have labels on their interface and the valves themselves. There you will find the model number along with the serial number.

Are shower heads interchangeable?

Almost all shower heads are interchangeable as they come with a universal thread size of ½” NPT and BSP. However, most old faucets and handheld shower heads may not be interchangeable.

Final Thoughts

For those who have the question: Are Kohler Shower Heads interchangeable or not, the answer is yes. Not only Kohler shower heads, but almost all shower heads are swappable. But to make perfect interchangeability, you must look for the coordination of the threads, style, and diameter.

Some famous brands like Delta and Moen also provide shower heads with universal thread sizes. If you have opted for a showerhead from a renowned brand, interchangeability can be done with a click.

So this is all. Let us know through comments if your shower head is alike the Kohler shower heads or not.

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